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Walking Bass Lines Course

The Walking Bass Lines course is taught by Andrew Ford through video instruction at TrueFire Bass.

Andrew Ford Bio: Andrew has recorded, toured, or performed with greats such Al Jarreau, Whitney Houston, David Crosby, Robben Ford, Chaka Khan, George Duke, Gladys Knight, James Ingram, Israel Houghton, Dianne Reeves, Peabo Bryson, Patti Austin, Lynne Fiddmont, Christopher Cross, Jerry Butler, Michael McDonald, David Pack and many others. Andrew has taught bass at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood (BIT), Citrus Community College, the Los Angeles Music Academy, and the University of La Verne. He has also taught Music Business at the college level. He has written or co-written many songs, including “Flame” which is on the 2013 Grammy Nominated Al Jarreau project. Andrew has also had success writing for TV, with a number of songs in regular rotation.

Andrew’s Walking Bass Lines course guides you on an illuminating exploration of 8 versatile Walking Bass Performance Studies. The bass lines, techniques and harmonic approaches that you’ll learn across these 8 studies can be used in your own original compositions, arrangements, vamps, jams and creative development.

Below is an intro lesson to Andrew Ford’s Walking Bass Lines course. Click Here to Access the Entire Course!

Essentials: Walking Bass Lines - Introduction - Andrew Ford

Below is an overview of the lessons taught in the Walking Bass Lines course. Click Here to Access the Entire Course!

(1) Sunny Side Up (2-5 and 2-5-1 patterns examining how simple and repetitive note choices and patterns can still make solid, great sounding walking bass lines)

(2) So Now What? (an example of a modal jazz walking bass line consisting of only two chords focusing on the Dorian mode and mixing chordal, alternate scales and chromatic lines liberally)

(3) Silk and Satin (features a lot of 2-5 patterns, triplets, implied turnarounds, ghost notes, and walking over the same chord for two bars straight, allowing time to create tension and release)

(4) 1-3-5 Blues (explores the concept of having a beginning note, a support note, and then right to the transition note for the next chord when walking in 3/4 time)

(5) Rockin’ and Walkin’ Medley (a collection of bass lines, played in the same tempo and key, based on hit pop songs by the Beatles, Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye and Chicago)

(6) E Dub (very versatile walking bass line approach for a blues shuffle using bigger interval leaps, targeted note choices in turnarounds and a traditional blues shuffle groove)

(7) Rays Dance (walking bass line approaches for triplet rhythms, ghost notes, finding note choices over two alternating chords, and jumping up to the higher range of the bass for impact)

(8) Sunday Mornin’ (gospel style walking bass line in Ab working with two of the most common progressions when playing these “shout” patterns, 1 to 5 progression, and 1 chord to the 4 chord progression)

Everything is tabbed and notated, plus you’ll also get all of the rhythm tracks to work with on your own.

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Walking Bass Lines Course

Walking Bass Lines

Walking Bass Lines Course Bass Guitar Lesson