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Tuning Your Bass with a Tuner

Tuning Your Bass with a Tuner –> This is a beginner level lesson taught by professional bassist Larry Cook as a part of his “Beginner Bass Lesson Series”. In this lesson he covers how to tune your bass using a clip-on tuner. He starts by showing you how to attach the clip-on tuner to the bass headstock. He provides an overview of how to read the tuner to determine when a string is in tune. Larry then shows you how to tune your bass using the open strings. He explains the importance of tuning your bass up to a note to keep your string from slipping and going out of tune.

This is a free lesson courtesy of JamPlay Bass. For detailed information about JamPlay Bass Lessons click here for our comprehensive review of their site and services, or visit the JamPlay Bass Lessons page.

This is a free lesson courtesy of JamPlay Bass. Other topics covered in Larry Cook’s JamPlay Beginner Bass lesson series include:

  • The Role of the Bass
  • Parts of the Bass
  • Your First Notes
  • Adding More Fingers
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Musical Alphabet
  • Finding Notes on the Bass
  • Getting Your Hands Working
  • String Skipping
  • Left Hand Exercises
  • Major Scale
  • Minor Scales
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Intervals
  • Chords and Arpeggios
  • The I-IV-V Progression
  • The I-vi-IV-V Progression
  • The i-bVII-bVI-V Progression
  • 12 Bar Blues Progression
  • Advancing the 12 Bar Blues
  • Introduction to Slap
  • Walking Bass
  • Additional Left Hand Techniques
  • Additional Right Hand Techniques
  • Playing With A Pick
  • Practice Techniques

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Tuning Your Bass with a Tuner

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