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Treasure by Bruno Mars Bass Cover & Lesson

Here’s a bass cover and lesson for Treasure by Bruno Mars: (bass tab here)

Treasure - Bruno Mars - Bass Cover

“Treasure” bass tabs here

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I use this song in my lesson on Common Bass Patterns – Octaves. It a great example of a song that uses the octave pattern throughout. Bruno Mars bassist, Jamareo “Jam” Artis is playing these octaves throughout the entire song: G# F G C A#

Jam Artis is a master bass player. He has an old school soul, funk, motown sound with a modern feel when he plays. This is relatively one of his easier songs to learn. But it’s a great song to practice playing octaves. It’s also a good song to practice pop and slap technique.

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Treasure by Bruno Mars Bass Cover & Lesson

Treasure by Bruno Mars Bass Cover & Lesson