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The Best Bass Guitar Stands for Gigs

The Best Bass Guitar Stands for Gigs (updated for 2023) –> It’s important to have a stand that protects your bass when playing gigs. There are just too many variables that leave your bass vulnerable to accidents that can damage your valuable instrument. Of course the best protection from keeping your bass from getting damaged at a gig is to keep an eye on it, and place it out of harms reach as much as possible. But accidents can and will happen. And there are definitely differences among bass guitar stands that contribute to the level of protection they can ensure. In this article we provide info and recommendations regarding which stands are the best at securing and protecting your bass when playing at gigs.

Here is the criteria we used when choosing and listing our recommended stands:

1. The Right Size for Bass Guitar

Your stand should be adjustable so that it can accommodate the length and weight of your bass. Some stands may be able to accommodate the greater length of a bass – but at the expense of a diminished center of gravity – which can increase the chances of your bass toppling over. We’ve seen some (cheaper) stands that are stretched to their limit with knobs and screws just barely holding it in place. This is a disaster waiting to happen. When you adjust your bass stand, all of its parts should continue to hold together – tight and secure!

How long should my bass stand be? All of the stands that we recommend for gigging situations are “hanging floor stands”. Any hanging floor stand should be able to hold your bass with about 3 inches of clearance from the bottom of your bass to the floor. See below:

Hanging stand with enough clearance for a bass guitar

To determine if a stand will accommodate your bass, measure it from the nut to the tip of the bottom strap peg. For example, the bass below is 37 inches from the nut to the strap peg. Then factor in the clearance space of 3 inches that you need from your bass to the floor -> 37+3=40inches

Measure your Bass for the Right Type of Stand Size

To accommodate the bass in this example, a hanging floor stand should be adjustable to 40 inches from the upper yoke of the stand to the floor.

Hanging stand that is 40 inches from upper yoke to the floor

2. The Right Design for Gigs

Bass guitar stands used for gigs should be relatively light weight and foldable. You should be able to easily transport it to and from gigs. It should also be compact enough to fit in tight spaces on stage. A bulky and heavy stand might be more secure and protective of your bass. But is it easy to tote around, and capable of fitting in to minimal spaces on stage?

We also recommend buying a stand that is designed to hold only one bass at a time. Some stands designed to hold two or more guitars are great for smaller, lightweight instruments such as acoustic guitars. However these can cause problems when using them for heavier bass guitars. When holding two basses at the same time they can generally maintain their balance. But when one bass is removed from the stand, the weight of the remaining bass creates an imbalance that increases the risk of it tipping over. If you have to keep more than one bass on stage, we recommend using one stand for each.

Make sure the upper yoke of your stand is wide enough to hold your particular bass. Most stands today are wide enough to accommodate the neck of a 4 string bass. But some may be too narrow to hold larger 5, 6, or 7 string basses. Below is a list showing you the differences in neck width between bass guitars:

Typical Neck Width for Bass Guitars:

  • 4 String Bass – 1.5 inches to 1.7 inches
  • 5 String Bass – 1.75 inches to 1.9 inches
  • 6 String Bass – 2.0 inches to 2.2 inches
  • 7 String Bass – 2.3 inches to 2.5 inches
Make Sure Your Bass Stand Is Wide Enough New

3. High-Quality, Well-Built Stands

There are definitely differences in the level of quality among stands – that contribute to how well they work and protect your bass. A common issue you’ll find with cheaper stands is that the foam or rubber parts will crack, disintegrate and fall off. We’ve also seen stands made with cheap plastic that breaks apart – essentially rendering them useless. Cheap stands also tend to get flimsy even after minimal use. A well-built stand will stay together – firm and intact – without any of it’s parts coming loose and getting wobbly. Simply put, there’s a good chance that if you buy a cheap stand it won’t last very long. In contrast, a durable, well-built stand can last for many years – withstanding the bumps and bruises gig after gig.

Make sure your stand is “nitro safe”. There are several types of bass guitars that are manufactured with nitrocellulose (nitro) paint finishes. When this nitro comes in contact with certain types of rubber or foam, the finish on your bass can become corroded and damaged! Below is a picture of a guitar neck with a nitro paint finish that was damaged by the foam rubber parts of a stand.

Nitro Paint Finish Damaged by Guitar Stand Foam

All of the stands that we recommend are made with “nitro safe” parts to ensure that the finish of your bass won’t get damaged.

The Best Bass Guitar Stands for Gigs

Below are the bass guitar stands that we recommend. They all meet the criteria we list above – high-quality, well-built stands that are the right size and design for protecting your bass guitars in gigging situations. These are all widely-used stands that are recommended by actual bass players. Some of these stands are well-known products that have been used by bassists for many years. Others are newer designed stands that have quickly become a popular choice among bass players. All are manufactured and sold by reputable companies known for producing quality products. They are all nitro safe and will not damage the finish of your bass.

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D&A Starfish Basic – Bass Guitar Stand

D&A Starfish Basic Bass Guitar Stand New
  • 5-legged stand greatly increases the level of stability and safety for your bass
  • Can withstand a tilt at 30+ degrees – twice as stable as typical guitar stands that withstand tilts at only 15 degrees
  • Quickly folds down to half the size in seconds, allowing security to be convenient as well as compact
  • Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE Polymer) covers every point of contact with your instrument, making sure your bass finish is 100% unharmed – Nitro Safe
  • D&A Guitar Gear Lifetime Guarantee

Fender Deluxe Hanging Bass Guitar Floor Stand

Fender Deluxe Hanging Guitar and Bass Stand
  • Designed to be height adjustable for longer bass guitars – while maintaining a level of balance that keeps it from tipping over
  • Rugged metal construction can withstand the rigors of gigs
  • Lightweight and easily collapsible for transporting
  • Scratch resistant foam padded material won’t harm bass guitars with sensitive finishes such as nitrocellulose – Nitro Safe
  • Bass guitar stand with the level of quality that you would expect from Fender

Hercules GS415BPlus – Bass Guitar Stand

Hercules Multiple GS415BPlus - Bass Guitar Stand
  • Features a foldable Auto Grip System (AGS) that safely locks your bass in place
  • Upper yoke can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of neck sizes
  • The Instant Height Adjustment Clutch with Locking Pin adjusts stand height quickly and easily while maintaining a high level of security
  • Specially Formulated Rubber Foam (SFF) fully protects the instrument at all contact points – Nitro Safe
  • Foldable for easy transport

Ultimate Support GS-100 – Genesis Series – Bass Guitar Stand

Ultimate Support GS-100 Genesis Series Bass Guitar Stand New
  • Patented leg-locking system for ultimate stability
  • Features a wide yoke that narrows to comfortably fit a larger variety of neck sizes
  • Rubber safety strap adds protection for your bass
  • Fabric covered padded legs are designed to protect the finish of your or bass – Nitro Safe
  • Easily adjust the height of your stand to fit your bass guitar
  • Light weight & foldable for easy transport

Thanks for checking out the “Best Bass Guitar Stands for Gigs” article. Hopefully we’ve given you some insight and guidance to help you understand and choose the stand that is best for you. We have a lot of other articles, gear recommendations, lessons, and music published for bass players – be sure to check those out. And as always, thanks for visiting Bass Player Center!

The Best Bass Guitar Stands for Gigs

The Best Bass Guitar Stands for Gigs (updated 2022)