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Easy Songs for Beginner Bass Players

When you’re starting out as a beginner bassist, it’s important to devote part of your practice time to learning songs. In fact, learning to play songs can be one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of playing bass. As a beginner you should start with songs that are challenging but not too difficult to learn. Trying to learn songs that are more advanced than your skill level can be frustrating – which some times leads to giving up. Beginners should start with easier, simple bass lines and progress towards more intermediate and advanced songs as they become better at playing bass guitar.

Below is our list of “Easy Songs for Beginner Bass Players”. We chose these songs using the following criteria:

  1. They all have simple bass lines that are relatively easy to learn
  2. While easy to learn, they all have their more difficult aspects which can help challenge beginner bass players to progress as they learn
  3. All are popular songs that people love to hear. Learn these songs and impress others with your bass playing skills!
  4. In this set we included a few songs that use the thump, slap, and pop technique. These songs are relatively easy that can give you great practice learning how to play slap bass

The page for each song includes:

  • Info about the song and how to play it
  • Video that includes a tutorial and/or bass cover for the song
  • Bass tabs and notation for the song
  • Backing tracks so you can play along with the song

Here are the Songs in Alphabetical Order…Have Fun!

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Easy Songs for Beginner Bass Players

Easy Songs for Beginner Bass Players