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Six Steps to Learning Bass Songs By Ear

Below is the introduction to the “Six Steps to Learning Bass Songs By Ear” bass lesson series. This lesson is taught by Bryan Beller (Steve Vai, The Aristocrats, Dethklok) as a part of the portfolio of video lessons at JamPlay Bass. In total, the “Six Steps to Learning Bass Songs By Ear” series includes all of the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Series Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Basic Meter
  • Lesson 3: Advanced Meter
  • Lesson 4: Pitch
  • Lesson 5: Rhythm & Groove
  • Lesson 6: Harmonic Context
  • Lesson 7: Real Songs: Harmonic Context
  • Lesson 8: Song Form: Pop Song
  • Lesson 9: Song Form: Rock/Fusion Part 1
  • Lesson 10: Song Form: Rock/Fusion Part 2
  • Lesson 11: Style of AC/DC
  • Lesson 12: Style of Led Zeppelin
  • Lesson 13: Style of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Lesson 14: Style of Metallica
  • Lesson 15: Style of Muse and Mixed Meters
  • Lesson 16: Style of Muse and Modal Shifts
  • Lesson 17: Style of Rage Against The Machine: Riff of Doom
  • Lesson 18: Style of Rage Against The Machine: Complex Song Form
  • Lesson 19: Bubblegum Pop
  • Lesson 20: Style of the Allman Brothers: Tonal Centers and Major Pentatonic
  • Lesson 21: Allman Brothers: Fast, Frequent Chord Changes
  • Lesson 22: Allman Brothers: Put It All Together
  • Lesson 23: Play Hard Part 1, Final Exam
  • Lesson 24: Play Hard Part 2, Final Exam
  • Lesson 25: Play Hard Part 3, Final Exam
  • Lesson 26: Play Hard Part 4, Final Exam
  • Lesson 27: Session Bass
  • Lesson 28: Add Some Rhythm
  • Lesson 29: Start Composing
  • Lesson 30: Deconstruct to Reconstruct
  • Lesson 31: Another Look At Song Form
  • Lesson 32: Put Your Stamp On It
  • Lesson 33: The Bass Player’s Role
  • Lesson 34: Play The Part
  • Lesson 35: You Have The Power
  • Lesson 36: Don’t Complicate Things
  • Lesson 37: Tell Tale Parts
  • Lesson 38: You Can Be A Robot
  • Lesson 39: Just Play The…
  • Lesson 40: And Then You Don’t

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Here’s Bryan Bellar with the introduction to “Six Steps to Learning Bass Songs By Ear

Bryan Beller's 6 Steps to Learning Songs By Ear

Bryan Beller Brief Bio: Famed bassist for Steve Vai, power-trio “The Aristocrats”, and Metalocalypse’s very own “Dethklok”, Beller has over 20 years of experience as a studio and touring musician. Graduating from the Berklee College of Music in 1992, he has also served as a contributing editor for Bass Player magazine. Beller contributes a critically important series of lessons to the JamPlay platform, with a central focus of identifying and playing songs by ear.

In his lesson “Six Steps to Learning Bass Songs By Ear” Bryan teaches how to hear meter, pitch, rhythm, harmonic context, and song form. Then, once you’ve immersed yourself in these 5 steps, moves you towards execution.


Six Steps to Learning Bass Songs By Ear

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learn songs by ear on bass

Six Steps to Learning Bass Songs By Ear