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Recommended Best Cases and Gig Bags for Bass Guitar

Recommended Best Cases and Gig Bags for Bass Guitar –> An essential piece of equipment for any bassists is a case or bag that is used to transport and protect his or her bass guitars. Carrying or storing your bass without one is a quick way to get it damaged or ruined. And using a case or bag that is low-quality may be just as bad as not using one at all. Your bass is a piece of equipment with personal and monetary value. A quality and practical case or bag helps ensure that your bass is properly maintained and cared for. In this article we cover the differences among bass guitar cases and bags, and make recommendations for those that are the best at transporting, protecting, and storing your bass. Let’s start by giving you an overview of the different types of cases and bags.

Types of Electric Bass Guitar Cases

Hard Shell Cases

Hard Shell Case for Bass Guitar

The exterior or “shell” of these cases are commonly made of molded hard plastics such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) or Polyethylene. You will also find them constructed of wood (plywood) that is covered with protective materials such as Tolex. The exterior hardware and latches are often constructed of sturdy light metals such as aluminum or chrome. Many include rubber or plastic bumpers on the outer edges for added protection. The interior of these cases are usually made of sturdy foam with padded plush material. These cases may include accessory compartments to hold items such as strings, batteries, and cables. Hard shell cases often include interior straps that hold your bass securely in place.

Is a Hard Shell Case the Right Size for Your Bass?

Make sure any hard shell case you purchase is designed with the specifications to safely and securely hold your bass. The case manufacturer should clearly state in the product description which bass guitars the case is designed to hold. For example, the manufacturers description of the case shown below states that it is designed to hold any Fender Jazz or Precision style bass – and will work for bass guitars that have this type of design:

Hard Shell Electric Bass Guitar Case Example Open
Hard Shell Case Designed for Fender Jazz and Precision Style Bass Guitars

You can also find cases that are designed with measurements that are more precisely matched with specific bass guitars. These are known as “fitted” or “custom” designed cases. For example, the case below is manufactured by Yamaha and is designed with the measurements to specifically hold Yamaha BB Series and TRBX Series Bass Guitars – so you know this case will work for these basses:

Yamaha EB-HC Hardshell Electric Bass Guitar Case
Yamaha EB-HC Hardshell Electric Bass Guitar Case

Some bass guitar cases claim to be “universal” – meaning they will hold all different types of bass guitars. While buying a universal case can be a great option (we recommend several below), no case is truly universal. Some bass guitars have very unique designs that need a case that is designed specifically for that bass. Be sure to check that the specs and measurements of any universal hard shell case you buy matches the measurements and specs of your bass!

Pros of Hard Shell Cases

  • Quality hard shell cases are made of the most sturdy, protective exteriors that can provide maximum protection
  • Can provide better protection when needing to transport your bass with other equipment – like in a trailer or the back of a truck
  • Recommended when needing to travel by plane
  • Good for long-term storage that keeps it safe from the elements like dust and moisture
  • May have locking systems that provide the maximum level of security

Cons of Hard Shell Cases

  • Can be heavy, bulky, and harder to carry for longer distances
  • Harder to fit in tighter spaces
  • Can bump into walls, furniture and other musical equipment
  • Less universal – may be harder to find hard shell cases with the measurements and specs needed for certain basses

Types of Electric Bass Guitar Cases

Gig Bags

Bass Guitar Gig Bag Good Example

Gig bags have exteriors made of durable fabrics such as polyester, nylon or leather. Padded cushioning covers the top, back, and sides of the bag. Some gig bags may have rubber tread on the bottom and/or sides for extra protection and to prevent wear and tear. All gig bags include a handle, and most have adjustable straps that allow you to carry your bass on your back. They often include exterior pockets for holding items like tuners or cables. Zippers are used to open and close the bags. The interior of gig bags include supportive and protective foam panels that are covered in lining made of plush material such as fleece. They often include interior straps used to securely hold your bass in place.

Is a Gig Bag the Right Size for Your Bass?

Gig bags in general are much more universal than hard shell cases. But still be sure that any gig bag has dimensions that fit your bass. Measure your bass and check the interior (internal) specs of the gig bag that manufacturers should provide. For example, below is a diagram of a gig bag that shows the measurements of its internal dimensions:

Measurements of a Bass Guitar Gig Bag Mono 1

The measurements for the bag shown above could also be listed as:

  • 48″ – total length of the interior
  • 15.5″ – width of the base of the bag
  • 3″ – depth of the bag
  • 22″ – length of bag that holds the body of a bass
  • 13.5″ – width of the bag where body begins to narrow
  • 6″ – width of bag that holds the top the bass (headstock)

Ideally you want your bass to fit snug in the bag without too much room to bounce around. You of course want to make sure the size of your bass does not exceed the dimensions of a gig bag – or it won’t fit! At the same time, a bag that provides more than an inch or so of “wiggle room” may be too big for your bass.

Pros of Gig Bags

  • Lighter weight makes them easier to carry to and from rehearsals and/or gigs
  • Less cumbersome makes them easier to maneuver in tight spaces without bumping walls, furniture or other equipment
  • You can strap your bass to your back which allows you to carry other gear and equipment in your hands
  • Makes it easier to quickly pack and unpack your bass
  • Can fit into smaller spaces when used to store your bass
  • Can be easily carried in cars, buses or trains

Cons of Gig Bags

  • Lower-quality gig bags will not provide an adequate amount of protection for your bass
  • Not recommended when packing and/or transporting your bass with other equipment that could damage your bass (like in the back of a truck or trailer)


When it comes to bass cases and gig bags, the levels of quality can make a huge difference. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money for a quality product. But using many of the cheaper and inexpensive bags or cases can lead to you easily damaging or breaking your bass. Some low quality gig bags are simply a piece of thick cloth that do very little to protect your bass. And the exterior of low quality hard shell cases are basically thin pieces of wood or plastic that can crack or break with minimal pressure applied. These cases are not designed for the rigors of transporting and safely storing your bass. The hardware on these cases is often cheap and flimsy. We’ve seen low-quality hard shell cases with latches that barely close or that become unhinged – rendering them ineffective after just minimal use!

Below are several hard shell cases and gig bags that we recommend for purchase. These are all high-quality products that have been proven to be great at protecting, transporting, and/or storing your bass. These are all widely-used cases and bags that are recommended by actual bass players. Some of these are well-known products that have been used by bassists for many years. Others are newer designs that have quickly become a popular choice among bass players. All are manufactured and sold by reputable companies known for producing quality products with legitimate warranties and guarantees.

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Gator Cases – Deluxe ABS Molded Bass Guitar Hard Shell Case

Gator Cases - Deluxe ABS Molded Hard Shell Bass Guitar Case
  • Exterior is made of protective Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material for maximum protection
  • Bolt-through carrying handle
  • Chrome-plated lockable latches
  • Interior is made of EPS protective foam that “molds” itself to your bass guitar
  • Deep plush interior lining protects the finish of your bass
  • Internal compartment for storing accessories
  • Universal design will fit many different types of bass guitars
  • Very popular and best-selling bass guitar case

SKB 1SKB-44 Electric Bass Guitar Hard Shell Case

SKB 1SKB-44 Electric Bass Guitar Hard Shell Case
  • Exterior is made of rugged ABS material for superior protection
  • Large bumper protected corners and contoured stacking points
  • Patented TSA approved trigger release latching system
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded handle
  • Rigid EPS foam interiors to keep bass from slipping
  • Accessories compartment
  • Interior has fitted “Deluxe Plush” that provides protection on all sides
  • Fits most right handed “P” and Jazz style bass guitars

Crossrock CRW600 Deluxe Series Bass Guitar Hard Shell Case

Crossrock CRW600 Deluxe Series Bass Guitar Hard Shell Case Tweed New One
  • Heavy duty 7-ply wood core structure construction
  • High-quality, tweed PVC covering provides maximum protection
  • Deluxe gold latches
  • Comfortable handle for easy transport
  • Deep wine red plush interior lining with a thick, dense layer of foam padding
  • Two removable plush lined foam pads on bottom and sides of case interior for added protection and stability
  • Large interior storage compartment for accessories
  • Universal design fits a wide range of bass guitar types
  • Solid – affordably priced – vintage style case

Gator Cases Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Gator Cases Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag new
  • Stylish, weather resistant blended fabric exterior
  • Large-size front zippered pocket with flap & g-hook buckle and seatbelt loops for multiple connection points – a small zippered pocket on the front provides additional storage
  • Thick rubber treading on the bottom prevents wear, while shielding from the elements
  • Padded, comfort-grip carrying handle and removable backpack straps
  • Interior has thick foam padding with plush red micro-fleece lining
  • Three-point padding system protects your bass at the headstock, neck, and bottom.
  • Rugged case provides maximum protection without sacrificing the lightweight portability of a gig bag
  • Universal design fits a large variety of bass guitar types

Reunion Blues RBCB4 RB Continental Voyager Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Reunion Blues RBCB4 RB Continental Voyager Bass Guitar Gig Bag
  • 1” thick shock-absorbing “Flexoskeleton” with reinforced impact panels
  • Ballistic “Quadraweave” exterior with water resistant zippers
  • Exterior reinforced laptop/tablet compatible multi-pocket
  • Adjustable hideaway backpack straps
  • Zero G palm-contoured handle with weight-distributing foam core
  • High-strength corded edges and seams with knurled abrasion grid on top and bottom to resist scuffing
  • Interior protector pads at headstock and bridge
  • Reinforced neck brace system locks instrument neck securely in place
  • Rubberized foam headstock grip
  • Universal design fits most bass guitars types and styles

MONO M80 Stealth Bass Guitar Gig Bag

MONO M80 Stealth Bass Guitar Gig Bag new one
  • Water-resistant, durable “Sharkskin” exterior for maximum protection
  • Unique two-tone finish
  • Padded shoulder straps with magnetic quick-release sternum straps provide extra support
  • Top-Loading Design gives you lightning-fast, stand-up access to your bass – just slide it out from the case anytime you want
  • Internal EVA padding provides ultimate support
  • Interior plush lining protects your bass guitar finish
  • Headlock neck suspension system is designed to cushion your bass guitar’s headstock and neck against drops and impacts
  • Universal design fits most electric bass guitars

Thanks for checking out our “Recommended Best Cases and Gig Bags for Bass Guitar” article. We hope we’ve given you some insight about bass guitar cases and gig bags and have helped with deciding which ones might be best for you. Be sure to check out all that we offer here at Bass Player Center. Our Lessons Section provides free bass guitar lessons with something for bassists at any level – beginner to advanced. Check out our Music Section for Isolated Bass Tracks, Drum Tracks, Bass Covers, and Bass Tabs. We provide unbiased reviews and recommendations of bass guitar gear & equipment in our Gear & Equipment Section. In our Resources & Articles section we provide bass playing tips & advice, bass related site reviews, and album reviews.

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Recommended Best Cases and Gig Bags for Bass Guitar

Recommended Best Cases and Gig Bags for Bass Guitar