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Pop And Rock Bass Guitar Lesson

This lesson is taught by Joe Santerre through video instruction at JamPlay Bass Lessons. Joe is a professional bassist who has recorded and/or performed with dozens of world-renowned artists and bands. He has published 3 Hal Leornard books: “Rock Bass Lines”, “Slap Bass Lines” and “Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines”. He is a member of the Bass Department of Berklee College of Music and is the first bass teacher there to become primarily a 6 string electric bassist. 

In this Lesson Joe Teaches you the essentials needed to play Pop & Rock music. From playing pumping 8th notes on roots & octaves, to playing concerted riffs with guitar – this 14 part lesson covers everything you need to know. See below for the full outline of this lesson.

Below is the introduction video to the “Pop And Rock Bass Guitar” lesson. Access this entire lesson and hundreds of other beginner, intermediate, and advanced level bass guitar lessons at JamPlay Bass Lessons.

Pop & Rock Bass Guitar with Joe Santerre

In total this lesson is structured into 14 Sections:

Lesson 1: Permutated Chromatic Finger Exercises In this first set of videos from Joe, he explains what his new bass guitar series is about and what you can expect to learn from him. You’ll also learn a basic finger exercise that is used to develop dexterity in both the right and left hand. Developing this dexterity is crucial to completing this series. 

Lesson 2: The Minor Pentatonic Scale Learn the minor pentatonic scale in the first position. This scale is the foundation of many rock and pop bass lines. 

Lesson 3: The Blues Scale Here is a lesson from Joe on the minor blues scale. This scale is very similar to the pentatonic scale, except it has 6 notes instead of 5. 

Lesson 4: 8th Notes on the Root and Octave Joe provides 3 practice exercises that feature tight, octave-based riffs. 

Lesson 5: Putting Rests in Your Groove In this lesson, Joe provides three musical examples that will help you lock in with the drums. 

Lesson 6: Root & Octave Playing within A Song Joe shows you how to put everything you’ve learned thus far into a short, two section song. 

Lesson 7: Minor Pentatonic 8 Bar Song Use what you’ve learned so far in this 8 bar song. 

Lesson 8: 8 Bar Bluesy Song Here is a short, blues-based song that provides you with an opportunity to practice counting and smooth octave playing. 

Lesson 9: Blues And Pentatonic 16 Bar Song Combine some minor pentatonic and blues scale riffs to make a short song. This lesson uses techniques taught in earlier lessons and also builds upon them. 

Lesson 10: Playing with Space – Kick Grooves Work on playing a minor pentatonic groove and adding space. Joe calls these types of grooves “kick grooves”. Use this lesson as a stepping stone toward creating your own bass lines. 

Lesson 11: Internalizing The 8th Note In this lesson, you will practice the blues scale along with what Joe refers to as a “kick note” pattern. This lesson will help you internalize and play steady eighth note rhythms. 

Lesson 12: Minor Pentatonic and Blues Kick Groove Work on a kick groove that combines the minor pentatonic and blues scales. 

Lesson 13: The Triad Challenge In this lesson, Joe explains how triads are formed and used in music. 

Lesson 14: Series Summary – 5 Section Song Learn a song that uses all of the techniques and concepts learned in this series. 

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Pop and Rock Bass Guitar Lesson

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Pop and Rock Bass Lessons
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