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Notes on the Bass Guitar Fretboard Diagrams

Fretboard Diagrams

When learning to play bass guitar, it’s important to learn all of the notes on the fretboard. Be sure to check out our lesson “How to Memorize Notes on the Bass”. To help you memorize the notes, we’ve provided fretboard diagrams showing all of the notes up to the 12th fret (horizontal and vertical charts):

Important Point: When actually playing the bass, the 4th String-E is facing up (towards the ceiling) and the 1st String-G is facing down (towards the floor). When reading music, tabs, or note charts in a horizontal position like the one below, the 1st String-G is on the top and the 4th String-E is on the bottom.

Horizontal Fretboard:

All notes on the bass guitar

Vertical Fretboard:

All the notes of the bass guitar to the 12th fret vertical chart

Be sure to check out our lesson, “How to Memorize Notes on the Bass”. Here are some quick tips:

  • Learn each note one at a time. Pick one note and find it on every spot on the fretboard. Every note can be found at least one time on each string – often more than once.
  • Say each note out loud as you play it. You can simply walk up each string and say each note. Do this also when you are learning and practicing scales.
  • Learn the notes in your head. Try to visualize each note on the fret board and name them in your mind.
  • Write down notes on a blank fret board. Do this in your spare time when your not playing bass. Download a free blank bass fretboard below…

Be sure to visit our page “Notes on the Bass Guitar” for a more in depth and comprehensive look at all notes on the bass guitar.

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