Isolated & Elevated Bass Lines

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Isolated & Elevated Bass Lines –> Our collection of isolated & elevated bass lines is provided to help you learn the bass parts to songs. The isolated bass line tracks are those with the bass line isolated from other instruments (bass line only). In most cases we also included the drum part. This is to help with rhythm and timing when learning the bass line. These tracks can also be very helpful for drummers wanting to learn the drum parts.

We also have several songs that include an elevated bass line. This means the volume level of the bass line was increased above the levels of all other instruments and vocals. All parts of the song are included but with the bass played louder in order to hear and learn it better.

These tracks are also provided for use as backing tracks for guitar, vocals, and other instruments. Guitarist, vocals, and other instruments can play their part to the song with the backing of the bass and drums.

Here are the songs – listed alphabetically by band or artist name:

3 Doors Down



Alice In Chains

Allman Brothers

Average White Band

The Beach Boys

The Beatles

Black Sabbath

Bee Gees


David Bowie

Bruno Mars

Eric Clapton

Daft Punk


Earth, Wind & Fire

Billie Eilish


Grateful Dead

Green Day

Guns N’ Roses

Billy Idol

Michael Jackson

Jane’s Addiction


Led Zeppelin

Linkin Park

Marilyn Manson

Maroon 5


Midnight Star


No Doubt

Ozzy Osbourne

Pink Floyd

The Police




Queens of the Stone Age

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rage Against the Machine


Stone Temple Pilots

Talking Heads

Van Halen

The Who

Bill Withers

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Wonder

ZZ Top

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Isolated & Elevated Bass Lines

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