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Bass Player Center – Lessons

Our lessons are structured into four sections. If you are new to playing bass, we recommend that you start with Section One – Beginner Basics and progress through each lesson in the order that it is presented.

Section One – Beginner Basics

If you’re new to playing bass, start with this section. Progress through each lesson in the order that each are presented.

  1. Essential Materials
  2. Parts of the Bass Guitar
  3. Notes on the Bass
  4. Correct Positioning and Posture
  5. Correct Bass Plucking Technique
  6. Bass Guitar Fretboard Hand Technique
  7. How to Memorize Notes

Section Two – Common Bass Patterns

This section focuses on learning the most common patterns used when playing bass guitar. Learning these patterns will help you understand the fundamentals of bass line construction. We provide an overview of common patterns, how they are played on the bass, and how they are used to construct bass lines. Topics covered include:

Section Three – Scales

  1. The Major Scale
  2. The Major Triad
  3. The Major 7th
  4. The Dominant 7th
  5. The Major Pentatonic
  6. The Minor Scale
  7. The Minor Triad
  8. The Minor 7th
  9. The Minor Pentatonic

Section Four – Exercises & Practice

To become a great bass player you have to practice often and consistently. In this section we provide practice routines and exercise that can be used to learn bass effectively and quickly. Topics in this section include:

  1. Effective Practice Routines
  2. Practice Exercises

Latest additions to this section:

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