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Here Without You + 3 Doors Down + Bass & Drums

Isolated bass, drums, and backing vocals for “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down. Published for use as a backing track for guitar and other instruments & vocals. Useful for learning the bass, drums, and/or backing backing vocals parts.

Here Without You + 3 Doors Down + Isolated Bass & Drums w/Backing Vocals

Song Info:
Release Date – February 2000
Album – Away From the Sun –> Download This Album

Album Tracks:

  1. Kryptonite
  2. Loser
  3. Duck and Run
  4. Not Enough
  5. Be Like That
  6. Life of My Own
  7. Better Life
  8. Down Poison
  9. By My Side
  10. Smack
  11. So I Need You

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Here Without You + 3 Doors Down + Bass & Drums

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