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Best Bass Envelope Filters – MXR M82 – Review

Best Bass Envelope Filters – MXR M82 – Review (updated 2021) –> Bass players love envelope filters! They allow them to get that wet, funky, “bow wow” sound they crave oh so much! Out of all effects employed by bassists, the envelope filter is among the most commonly used. And the MXR M82 is one of the most popular and top selling envelope filters of all time. It’s used by some of the most well-known, accomplished bassists such as Justin Chancellor, Marcus Miller, and Bootsy Collins. The popularity of this classic pedal is a result of several things:


This filter features crisp-sounding all-analog circuitry. It includes 5 knobs that let you make adjustments to get the precise sound you’re looking for. The separate Dry and FX controls make it easy to adjust how much or little of the effect you want to use – while blending in as much or little of your clean/dry bass sound. All envelope filters are reactive – meaning the sound produced is relative to how hard or lightly you are playing. The MXR M82 is known for its high level of reactivity. It includes a Sensitivity knob that lets you adjust how the pedal precisely reacts to how you are playing your bass!


As we mentioned, the M82 allows you to determine how much or little of the effect you want to produce vs. the sound of your clean bass. This also means it’s capable of working well (blending) with other pedals. The M82 works extremely well with other effects such as fuzz, distortion, or octave pedals. This allows for the production of a wide range of amazing sounds. The pedal also features a true bypass, allowing a clean signal and tone to flow through the pedal unaffected when it’s turned off.


This is a very durable pedal constructed of rugged aluminum housing. It’s known for being designed to last while handling the bumps and bruises of gigging. It can be powered by both a 9v battery, or standard power supply (included with purchase of the pedal). And its purple sparkle finish just plain looks good!

The only criticism we’ve heard about the MXR M82 is that it’s simply an envelope filter – it doesn’t do much else. But I don’t really believe this is necessarily criticism – in fact it may be one of its best strengths. The pedal is designed to do a job, and it does that job extremely well. It doesn’t come with any unnecessary features or frills – which also attributes to it being affordably priced. Simply put, when it comes to bass guitar envelope filter pedals – you can’t go wrong with the MXR M82.

Best Bass Envelope Filters - MXR M82 - Review

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Best Bass Envelope Filters - MXR M82

Best Bass Envelope Filters – MXR M82 – Review