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Bass Songs for Beginners – Superfreak – Rick James

Easy Bass Songs for Beginners – Superfreak – Rick James –> This song was released in 1981 and became one of the most popular songs of the early 80’s. The bass line was also sampled by MC Hammer as a part of his song, “U Can’t Touch This” that was a hit in the early 90’s. The bass line is one of the most recognizable by people across generations.

This funky bass line was written and performed by Rick James. It’s a relatively easy bass line that would be great to learn for beginner bass players. The bass part is essentially the same throughout the song with a couple of slight variations. There are some challenging parts in the chorus and bridge with the use of octaves and chords. You can get some good practice with hammer-ons and slides as they are used throughout. It’s a really fun song to play and learn!

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Here’s a bass cover lesson with play along tabs – courtesy of florainbass Spend some time with this and you’ll have it down in no time. Have fun!

Rick James - Super Freak (Bass Cover) Tabs
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Bass Songs for Beginners - Superfreak

Bass Songs for Beginners – Superfreak