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Our bass guitar lessons are divided into sections and progress from beginner basics to more advanced instruction. If you’re new to playing bass, we recommend starting with Section One – Beginner Basics, and then move through Sections Two through Four.

Section One – Beginner Basics

If you’re new to playing bass start with this section. We cover the basics and essentials that you need to know before getting to more advanced instruction. Topics covered include:

Bass Player Center Bass Lessons

Section Two – Common Bass Patterns

This section focuses on learning the most common patterns used when playing bass guitar. Learning these patterns will help you understand the fundamentals of bass line construction. We provide an overview of common patterns, how they are played on the bass, and how they are used to construct bass lines. Topics covered include:

  1. Introduction and Overview of Bass Patterns
  2. Root Notes
  3. Octaves
  4. Root and 5th Pattern
  5. Root, 5th and flat 7th Pattern
  6. Root, 5th and 6th Pattern

Section Three – Scales

This section covers the most common scales used when playing bass. Learning scales increases your ability to play notes and patterns over the right chords at the right time. Understanding scales will allow your mastery of bass to occur much faster. We provide an overview of the scales, how they are played on bass, and how they are applied to construct bass lines. Topics covered include:

  1. The Major Scale
  2. The Major Triad
  3. The Major 7th
  4. The Dominant 7th
  5. The Major Pentatonic
  6. Two Octave Major Scales
  7. The Minor Scale
  8. The Minor Triad
  9. The Minor 7th
  10. The Minor Pentatonic
  11. The Minor Blues Scale
Bass Guitar Lessons intermediate and advanced

Section Four – Intermediate & Advanced Lessons

This section is for those ready to move into more intermediate and advanced aspects of learning and playing bass. The focus is on learning specific skills and techniques that will help you improve and grow as a bassist. From ear training, to learning to master bass grooves, these lessons are designed to help you perform better in any playing situation.

  1. 3 Ways to Play Solos on Bass Guitar Lesson
  2. Hammer On / Pull Off Bass Lick Lesson
  3. How To Practice and Memorize the Pentatonic Positions
  4. How to Play Reggae Bass Lines
  5. Bass Guitar Lesson – Building Bass Lines
  6. Why Do I Need to Know Modes on Bass Guitar?
  7. Two Octave Major Scales
  8. Metal for Bass! Bass Guitar Lesson
  9. Motown Bass Guitar Survival Guide Lesson
  10. The Double Thumb Technique
  11. Advanced Styles & Techniques
  12. Six Steps to Learning Bass Songs By Ear
  13. 30 Groove Master Bass Lines You MUST Know
  14. Pop and Rock Bass Guitar Lesson
  15. Creating Original Bass Lines Lesson
  16. Bass Groove Creation Station Lesson
  17. 50 Blues Bass Licks You Must Know
  18. Learn Metal Bass Guitar Lesson
  19. 30 Beginner Bass Grooves You Must Know
  20. Funk Bass Lessons with Larry Cook
  21. Walking Bass Lines Lesson With Andrew Ford
  22. Pentatonic Playground for Bass Guitar Lesson
  23. Bass Guitar Lesson – Warming Up & Timbre
  24. Funky Triplet Lick Bass Lessons
  25. Modes Made Easy – Bass Guitar Lesson

Bass Guitar Tips, Tricks & Exercises

Additional bass guitar tips and tricks provided by professional bass instructors – for free at Bass Player Center!

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We hope you find Bass Player Center to be useful for helping you learn to play bass guitar. Our lessons focus on getting you started on bass by providing the foundation needed to build and grow your playing ability. If you’ve reached a point where you’re interested in a more comprehensive & professional level of instruction we offer reviews & recommendations for several online premium bass lessons sites…

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