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Bass Guitar Scales Wall Charts

Below are a few bass guitar scales wall charts that can be helpful for learning and referencing bass scales. Visit the vendor’s website for complete details and pricing.

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1. Mel Bay’s 4-String Bass Guitar Scales Wall Chart

Bass Scales Wall Chart Big Poster

Details & Current Pricing on Amazon

Size: 24″ x 35″

Description: A Bass Scales Wall Chart that presents the most commonly used scales and modes with fretboard diagrams for four-string bass. It features a beautiful photo of a 4-string electric bass labeled with string numbers, open string names, and the fret location of all the natural notes on the fretboard. A must-have for every bassist’s studio, practice room, or bedroom wall.

Includes these scales: Major Scales, Natural Minor. Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor. Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic. Blues Scale, Dorian Mode. Phrygian Mode. Lydian Mode. Mixolydian Mode. Locrian Mode. Diminished (Whole-Half). Diminished (Half-Whole). Whole Tone

2. 5-String Bass Scales Wall Chart by Corey Dozier

5 String Bass Guitar Scales Wall Chart Large

Details & Current Pricing on Amazon

Size: 24″ x 35″

Description: This wall chart contains four movable scale diagrams for each scale on the 5-string bass. Learning and practicing these scales will allow you to play the correct notes when creating bass lines, and will provide you with a solid musical foundation. This chart is an ideal wall piece for your bedroom or practice studio. Start developing the muscle memory you need to shred all your scales in every key. What starts in the practice room will end on stage, so make sure you have all the basses covered!

3. 5-String Bass Scales Wall Chart by Cory Dozier (new)

5-String Bass Scales Chords Wall Chart

Details & Current Pricing on Amazon

Size: 24″ x 35″

Description: Put the guess work aside and get the right notes for all the chords on the five-string bass in the first two positions. Each chord is fully arpeggiated in two octaves. All chords are presented in twelve keys – this chart is the only thing you need to keep the wrong notes out of your bass lines. Put it on your bedroom wall or practice room so you can always have the right note.

4. Electric Bass Wall Chart With Notes & Chord Reference

Electric Bass Wall Chart Note & Chord Reference

Size: 24″ x 35″

Details & Current Pricing on Amazon

With Fingerboard Note & Master Chord Reference. Presents chord arpeggio diagrams for fourteen chord types from each chromatic root. Also includes a bass note finder chart through fret 15 for the 4-string bass. 35 x 24 durable coated paper.

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