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Music for Bass Players

Music for Bass Players –>

Isolated & Elevated Bass Lines

A collection of songs with the bass lines isolated or elevated. Provided to help you learn the bass parts to songs. These are also great to use as backing tracks for guitar, vocals, and other instruments. Guitarist, vocals, and other instruments can play their part to the song with the backing of the bass and drums.

Easy Bass Songs for Beginners

A collection of songs with video tutorials and play along tabs. These are great for beginner bass players to learn. They all have simple bass lines that are relatively easy to learn. While easy to learn, they all have their more difficult aspects which can help challenge beginner bass players to progress as they learn. All are popular songs that people love to hear. Learn these songs and impress others with your bass playing skills! In this set we included a few songs that use the thump, slap, and pop technique. These songs are relatively easy that can give you great practice learning how to play slap bass

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Drum Loops & Play Along Groove Tracks

A collection of Drum Loops & Play Along Groove Tracks. These are great to use as a practice tool – Play along with these to help develop rhythm and timing. For example, practice scales, pentatonics, patterns, and licks while playing in time with these drum patterns. These tracks are also great for jamming and improvising while trying to keep in time.

Bass Guitar Covers

A collection of videos with the bass being played along with a song (cover). These are provided to help you learn each song by seeing how the bass line is played. Many have play along tabs and tutorials to help you learn. Some of these covers are included to accompany our Bass Player Center lessons as examples of how certain patterns and scales are used to play songs.

Bass Guitar Tabs

A collection of bass guitar tablature (tabs) to help you learn selected songs. Many tabs accompany bass guitar lessons and/or our isolated and elevated bass tracks. If you need help reading bass tablature, check out our lesson on How to Read Bass Tab.

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Music for Bass Players

Music for Bass Players