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Section Three – Scales

Bass Guitar Lessons – Scales –>This section covers the most common scales used when playing bass. Learning scales increases your ability to play notes and patterns over the right chords at the right time. Understanding scales will allow your mastery of bass to occur much faster. We provide an overview of the scales, how they are played on bass, and how they are applied to construct bass lines. The lessons build on each other. So start with the first lesson and progress through each in order:

  1. The Major Scale
  2. The Major Triad
  3. The Major 7th
  4. The Dominant 7th
  5. The Major Pentatonic
  6. The Minor Scale
  7. The Minor Triad
  8. The Minor 7th
  9. The Minor Pentatonic
  10. The Minor Blues Scale

Bass Guitar Tips, Tricks & Exercises

Supplementary Materials:

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Bass Guitar Lessons – Scales

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Bass Guitar Lessons - Scales
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