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Bass Guitar Lesson – Learning the Major Scale

Here is a free bass guitar lesson by Brent-Anthony Johnson on Learning the Major Scale. This is just one of the many lessons that Brent-Anthony covers in his beginner series lessons at JamPlay Bass Lessons.

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Bass Guitar Lesson – Learning the Major Scale:

FREE BASS GUITAR LESSON: Learning the Major Scale with Brent-Anthony Johnson

Other lessons covered by Brent-Anthony Johnson in his beginner bass series include: Tuning Your Bass, Plucking Hand Technique, Fretting Hand Technique, Bass Approaches for Different Genres, Building Bass Lines, Scale Intervals, Pentatonic Scales, Circle of Fifths, Harmonics, and more.


Brent-Anthony Johnson Brief Bio

Brent-Anthony Johnson is a recording and live performance bassist and producer with 30+ years of experience. For the past decade, “BAJ” (pronounced “Badge”) has lived in Boulder, CO and Northwestern Illinois while writing several instructional books, teaching, and presenting bass and theory-oriented clinics. BAJ began his teaching career at Simon’s Music and Grigg’s Music in Northwestern Illinois at 15-years-of-age, after his bass instructor relocated and left his roster of students. “I was earning $10 per hour, in 1979 – even if I wasn’t working full time! I decided that this teaching idea was a good thing… especially considering minimum wage was around $3.00 per hour at that time!”

A life-long music student, BAJ was sought ongoing musical instruction from Kai Eckhardt, Jimmy Haslip, Kerwin Brown, Kim Stone, Dean Peer Michael Fitzmaurice, and guitarists Dennis Neal, Mitch Chmarra, and Jerry Hahn. An endorsing artists for many bass products since 1988, he has presented clinics for: Yamaha, Tobias (pre-Gibson), Trace Eliott, Ampeg, Radial Engineering, Warwick, AccuGroove, and most recently Vinciguerra Custom Shop and S.I.T. Strings.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s BAJ worked as a session bassist for Colorado Sound artists, Derryberry Audio artists, 2 Dogs Digital Audio and several other national recording facilities while recording and performing nationally with Phil Brown, Joe Gamble, CrossTone Productions artists, Amy Fletcher, Bryan Savage, Anthony James Baker, Kevin Thornton, Nelson Rangel, Dave Beegle, Timothy Stop, Timothy Brinkman, Austin Vallejo, NeHo Soul, and RainOnMe Productions artists – while teaching bass and music theory at Naraopa University (formerly Naropa Institute), and serving as substitute lecturer at University of Colorado/Boulder and University of Colorado/Denver. From 1995-1998 and again since 2008, BAJ has written several lessons and many interviews and media reviews for Bass Frontiers Magazine. He has also written interviews for Global Bass Magazine, Bass Inside Magazine, and Bass Musician Magazine.

BAJ strongly represents his ongoing desire to bring great attitude, on time, in-tune, and well-articulated tonal choices to the many artists he has been called upon to work with in session and on stage over his many years of professional music presentation.

In 2008, after performing at Nashville’s GMA/Dove Awards, BAJ changed his 6-string acoustic and electric fretted and fretless bass guitar tuning to feature an F#-G (low to high) tuning. His 4-string bass guitars and faithful acoustic contra bass are tuned standard. Since releasing his latest instructional book “The BASSIST”( last year, BAJ is writing a general theory book and a book on the subject of scales. “I love being a working musician and music instructor, and giving back to this wonderful community of musicians!”

Here is a free bass guitar lesson by Brent-Anthony Johnson on Learning the Major Scale. This is just one of the many lessons that Brent-Anthony covers in his beginner series lessons at JamPlay Bass Lessons.



Major Scales Bass Lesson

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Bass Guitar Lesson - Learning the Major Scale
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