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Bass Guitar Lesson – Intro to Tapping

Bass Guitar Lesson – Intro to Tapping –> This beginner level lesson is taught by pro bassist Brent-Anthony Johnson as a part of his Phase 1 Lesson Series on JamPlay Bass. He shows you the basic principles of how to tap notes in between playing hammer-ons, and pull-offs. BAJ explains how to attack the strings with your plucking hand to create tones and notes. He includes a great exercise for learning and practicing tapping. He also discusses other prominent bassists who are the best at incorporating tapping into their playing – for your reference to help hear and learn this technique. Brent-Anthony emphasizes the importance of creating “expression” and “voice” when using this technique on bass.

This free lesson is published courtesy of JamPlay Bass. For detailed information about JamPlay Bass Lessons click here for our comprehensive review, and/or visit the JamPlay Bass Lessons page.

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Bass Guitar Lesson – Intro to Tapping

Below are some of the other topics that Brent-Anthony Johnson teaches in his Phase 1 Beginner Series Lesson:

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  2. Bass Basics #1
  3. Bass Basics #2
  4. Tuning Your Bass
  5. The Major Scale
  6. Plucking Hand Technique Part 1
  7. Plucking Hand Technique Part 2
  8. Fretting Hand Technique
  9. Bass Approaches Part 1
  10. Bass Approaches Part 2
  11. Building Bass Lines
  12. Scale Intervals
  13. Pentatonic Scales
  14. Circle of Fifths – Part 1
  15. Circle of Fifths – Part 2
  16. Harmonics Part 1
  17. Harmonics Part 2


How tap on bass guitar lesson

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Bass Guitar Lesson - Intro to Tapping

Bass Guitar Lesson – Intro to Tapping