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Bass Guitar Lesson – Chromatic Workout

Bass Guitar Lesson – Chromatic Workout –> In this bass guitar lesson, Godsmack bassist Robbie Merrill discusses and demonstrates his chromatic warm-up and practice exercises. You can use these exercises to help build note memorization, dexterity and stamina in your playing.

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Bass Guitar Lesson – Chromatic Workout

Bass Guitar: Robbie Merrill's Chromatic Workout

Below are some of the other topics that Robbie Merrill teaches in his JamPlay Bass Lessons Series:

  1. Chromatic Fretting Exercise
  2. G Major Scale
  3. Major Scale Run
  4. Three Note Single String
  5. Five Note Patterns
  6. Scale Based Jam
  7. Chromatic Jam
  8. Blues Jamming
  9. Reggae Jam
  10. Locking In
  11. Country Jamming
  12. Harmonics
  13. Soloing
  14. Developing Mood
  15. Tapping Regardless
  16. Pedalling
  17. Playing in Patterns
  18. Plucking Hand Technique
  19. More Tapping Technique
  20. Tapping with Chords
  21. Thumping Technique
  22. Soloing
  23. Playing with a Pick
  24. Harmonic Riffing
  25. Common Questions Answered
  26. Grooving in G
  27. Jazz Improvising
  28. Paradiddle Tapping I
  29. Playing with Chords
  30. Practical Application


Bass Guitar Lesson - Chromatic Workout
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Bass Guitar Lesson - Chromatic Workout

Bass Guitar Lesson – Chromatic Workout