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Bass Guitar Lesson – 3 Finger Plucking Technique

Bass Guitar Lesson – 3 Finger Plucking Technique –> In this lesson legendary bassist Billy Sheehan shows you how to develop and use a 3 finger right hand plucking technique. He teaches you how to get your right hand moving as fast, even, and accurate as possible. He discusses how to set up your bass strings to get the right sound. You learn how use three fingers to play 4 note patterns while making sure the accents are correct. He also shows you exercises for getting better at the three finger technique.

This is a free lesson courtesy of JamPlay Bass. Other topics covered in Billy Sheehan’s JamPlay lesson series include:

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  • Right Hand Embellishment
  • Advanced Right Hand Exercises
  • Raking Technique
  • Left Hand Chop Building Exercises
  • Advanced Tapping
  • Octaves
  • Advanced Arpeggio Ideas
  • Bending And Detuning
  • Harmonics
  • Billy’s Gear Philosophy
  • Playing In A Cover Band
  • Songwriting
  • Being A Bass Player
  • Interview With Billy

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Bass Guitar Lesson - 3 Finger Plucking Technique
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Bass Guitar Lesson - 3 Finger Plucking Technique