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Bass Groove Creation Station Lesson

The Bass Groove Creation Station course is taught by Ariane Cap through video instruction at TrueFire Bass. As a bass player, you need to know a lot of grooves, across a wide variety of styles and feels. Great bass players also need to know how to create their own grooves from scratch. Ariane Cap’s Bass Groove Creation Station presents a variety of simple, creative and very impactful approaches for creating grooves in virtually any style.

Below is the “Bass Groove Creation Station” – Intro lesson. This is a free lesson provided courtesy of TrueFire Bass Lessons. To gain access to all of the lessons in the “Bass Groove Creation Station” course –> click here!

🎸Ariane Cap's Bass Groove Creation Station - Intro - Bass Guitar Lessons

Below is a list of all the lessons in the “Bass Groove Creation Station” course. Click here to gain access to all of these lessons!

  • Ari’s Groove Formula
  • Grab Your Bass & Let’s Try It – How Ari’s Groove Formula Works
  • Chord Recap
  • Let’s Try Another Groove – Demonstration
  • The Pocket – Overview
  • Timing Exercise – Demonstration
  • Phrasing Essentials – Overview
  • Rock Groove Phrasing Example – Demonstration
  • Pop Groove Phrasing Example – Demonstration
  • Straight vs Shuffle Subdivisions – Overview
  • Blues Rock Groove: Straight and shuffled
  • 16th Groove: Straight and Shuffled
  • Syncopated Grooves
  • Styles: How to Crack The Code – Overview
  • Reggae Groove Example
  • Soul Groove Example
  • Motown Groove Example
  • Focus on Intervals – Overview
  • Root – Five – Eight Groove – Demonstration
  • Tenths Interval Groove – Demonstration
  • Focus on Triads Overview
  • Major & Minor Triad Groove – Demonstration
  • Focus on Pentatonics – Overview
  • Chromaticism for Flavor – Overview
  • Pentatonic Chromatic Groove: Major and Minor
  • Add Something Special – Overview
  • Groove with Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs
  • Borrowing From Your Bandmates – Overview
  • Imitating and Contrasting the Kick Drum Pattern
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Bass Groove Creation Station Lesson
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