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And She Was – Talking Heads – Bass Cover

Here’s how to play “And She Was” by the Talking Heads on bass (bass tabs are here)

Talking Heads - And She Was - Bass Lesson / Cover

“And She Was” bass tabs are here

This is a video that I created and use when teaching my lesson on “Common Bass Patterns – Root Notes“. It’s a great example of a song that uses primarily root notes as the bass line:

  • The verse is the roots of E and A
  • The chorus is the roots of E, A, and C
  • The build is A#, F, and G
  • The bridge is B, F# and G

The bridge is really the only part that includes several fills and lead ins. The point I want to make in the lesson is how little you really need to play in order to produce great sounding bass lines. There are countless songs that literally use one or more root notes as the entire bassline. The phrase “less is more” definitely applies to playing bass. Strive to play the right amount of notes – nothing more or less!

Have a request for a Bass Cover and/or Isolated Bass Line? Let me know and I’ll work on getting it done:

how to play and she was on bass

And She Was – Talking Heads – Bass Cover