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Advanced Lessons

At Bass Player Center our focus in on providing lessons geared towards the beginning bassist. We cover the essentials to introduce you to bass and get you started on your journey to becoming a great bassists. Our site is operated by an experienced bassist with years of experiencing playing and teaching bass. We do it for the love of playing and teaching the bass guitar! It’s a part time gig that helps us share what we know in hopes of reaching and teaching those interested in getting started with playing.

There are however a lot of other sites and resources that can help you achieve your goal of becoming a great bassist. If you have reached a point where you are interested in a more comprehensive, professional, and premium level of instruction we provide our reviews and recommendations for a couple of other online bass lesson sites…

Advanced Online Bass Lessons

JamPlay Bass

JamPlay tops our list as the best, premium online bass instruction site. They are the leader in bass and guitar education having serviced more than 500,000 happy subscribers from over 220 countries. Here’s what we like about JamPlay Bass..

THE BEST TEACHERS – From world-famous bassists, to bass professors at top music colleges, you will not find a better assembly of online bass instructors. Click here to view JamPlay’s list of instructors.

IN PERSON FEEL – Taking lessons on JamPlay feels like taking lessons in person with a live instructor. All lessons are delivered using the highest level of HD quality and presented with up to 6 camera angles. Students access a powerful yet simple interface that allows full interactive control of the lessons they are viewing. Videos can be played at speeds from 10% to 100%. Users can bookmark and return to sections of the video lessons. There is also a looping feature that allows users to continuously loop any section of a video.

STRUCTURED LESSONS WITH FREEDOM TO LEARN WHAT YOU WANT – In total JamPlay offers close to 700 bass lessons! Their teaching structure is very simple, but highly effective. Instead of viewing a slew of random videos with little support, they separate their teaching material into 4 distinct phases. You can progress through the lessons in order, or move to the phase and/or lessons most appropriate for your level.

FEATURES GALORE – Few can compete with the years of development and range of features JamPlay has built. Features include – instructor interaction, enharmonic scale diagrams, interactive tabs and notation, custom progress reports, an enormous library of scales, and customized learning materials to supplement each lesson.


Teach Me Bass Guitar

Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG) is another professional bass instruction site that we highly recommend. The site has won several prestigious education awards including the AEGIS Video & File award and the Telly Award. They provide a DIY course that thousands have purchased and used to successfully learn to play bass. Here is what we like about TMBG…

THE INSTRUCTOR – The video lessons on TMBG are designed and delivered by world-renowned bassist Roy Vogt. Roy received the first masters in music in electric bass degree ever awarded, and he’s one of the most respected educators in the international bass community. His skills have been in demand by leading producers and artists in the studio, on tour, and in the classroom for over thirty years. Roy’s students have toured and recorded with such notable stars as Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Little Texas, Michael W. Smith, and countless other music icons.  The TMBG lessons are what is to be expected from an instructor with the stature of Roy Vogt. Simply put, they are highly effective at teaching you how to play bass.  

HIGH SUCCESS RATES – Based on statistics offered by TMBG, the large majority of students who take the their courses are successful at learning to play bass. In total, TMBG has 20 lessons divided into 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each lesson takes about a month to master. After taking each lesson students will be able to comprehend and apply the principles and techniques learned – and use them flawlessly in any bass playing situation.

CHOOSE AND OWN WHAT YOU NEED – TMBG provides a lot of options and flexibility for purchasing what you need. You can buy the full course in digital or DVD format. Or you can purchase the individual lessons that you need. In every case, you own whatever you purchase. You pay a one time fee for what you want, download it, and it’s yours to keep without having to pay subscription fees.

FREE MEMBERSHIP – Regardless of what lessons or packages you purchase, you automatically receive a membership to TMBG at no additional cost. Membership features include being able to take the “stage” to practice your newly acquired riffs with a band of Nashville studio musicians. You also have access to the TMBG bass community website hosted by Roy himself, where you can ask him questions directly, and even upload your own video or audio files to get feedback on your progress and suggestions for how to improve.

MORE FEATURES – TMBG is packed with features to help you learn. Features include animated fretboards, easy-access menus, extensive loop library, play-along with a singer, animated sheet music, and four-color course books downloadable with every purchase.


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Advanced Professional Bass Lessons