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ABC – The Jackson 5 – Bass Lesson

Here’s a bass lesson for the song ABC by the Jackson 5 (bass tabs are here):

ABC - Jackson 5 - Bass Lesson

“ABC” bass tabs are here

I use this song in my lesson on the major scale. The song is a great example of a bass line that is constructed entirely of a major scale.

The G# major scale is used throughout the entire song to play the bassline.

The bassists on this song is Wilton Felder – arguably one of the best bassist of all time – who played on many of the hits produced by the Jackson 5 and other artists on the Motown label. Welder was a master at taking simple bass patterns and scales and arranging them to make the melody stand out, while including rhythmic touches to make it funky.

Have a request for a Bass Cover and/or Isolated Bass Line? Let me know and I’ll work on getting it done:

ABC Michael Jackson Bass Lesson

ABC – The Jackson 5 – Bass Lesson